To maintain product quality and shelf life it is essential that we remove heat from all our products as they come in from the field. We start by producing ice and taking that into the field to put on the broccoli as soon as it’s cut. We then bring the product into our cold stores that are fitted with fogging systems to maintain humidity between 10-100%. By increasing the humidity we ensure that the product retains moisture and freshness.

The Ethelene scrubbers that are fitted also remove Ethelene from the atmosphere in the stores, this prevents the product maturing quickly and becoming yellow.

Each of our 5 cold stores has a 200 pallet capacity to ensure we are able to adapt supply and demand of the very volatile brassica and leek crops.

We continually monitor both temperature and humidity of the stores with sensors at various locations, this enables us to monitor the temperature of a product through its lifetime in our stores.