Pollybell have now entered into a new Countryside Stewardship Scheme that sees us dedicate a proportion of the farm to further enhancing the natural environment we are custodians of. We have a mixture of three different field margins; an Autumn Bumblebird Mix which is autumn sown and the flora species in the mix are selected to provide habitat for ground nesting boards and insects as a food source through the winter. There is also a large proportion of margins drilled that are species rich with plants which produce seeds favoured for farmland birds. Finally, our third type of field margin is a flower rich margin that has a mix of flowering plants that provide a nectar source through the summer and into the autumn. These not only provide a wide array of beautiful flowers but also are rich in nectar for a huge number of invertebrate species that are both predatory to vegetable pests and add huge value to the whole ecosystem on the farm.

We drill these margins along the edges of fields to create a whole interlocking network of wildlife corridors to enable the ease of movement for all species through the farm without being interrupted. As these margins become established we look forward to sharing with you how they develop and what they play host to through the changing seasons.