Pollybell farming sustainably

Pollybell is a family owned diverse organic farming business.  The Brown family have a strong history in farming for the past 120 years and immense passion for growing healthy, affordable food whilst enhancing the land and surrounding environment. The farm covers 5,000 acres crossing the three county borders of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.

We produce a wide portfolio of products and sell into varying markets including retail, wholesale and processing. Whilst cereals, vegetables and livestock are at the core of our business we truly believe that by farming in a holistic manner we preserve and improve the land in which we farm for future generations. We work hard to be become the best in our chosen areas and strive for excellence across the board through the ongoing commitment of our small team.

Our Team

James Brown
James BrownDirector
James is the 5th generation of the Brown family to come into the business, joining Pollybell in 2008 after perusing a career in finance. James brings attention to detail on costings and huge enthusiasm for enhancing the business through the use of technology and managing data to drive improvement.
John Taylor
John TaylorDirector
John has been with Pollybell since 2015 and brings with him a huge experience of organic farming up and down the country as well as expertise in all things operational and helping the team drive attention to detail out in the field.
Andrew Sharpe
Andrew SharpeOperations Manager
Andrew has been with the business for the past 18 years and works tirelessly to ensure the day to day running of the farming operation with his team of 8 full time tractor operatives. Andrew’s practical skills are endless and he is always on hand to find a solution to the challenges we face.
Kerry Waterson
Kerry WatersonFinance Manager
Kerry is the newest member of the team and has been with us since spring 2016. Kerry brings huge enthusiasm whilst assisting the business in all matters of accounting and finance.
Craig Bargery
Craig BargeryProduction Manager
Craig has been instrumental in the building and running of the on farm packing facility we have at Pollybell. He strives to drive efficiencies in our packing operation whilst having a great understanding of all our products, this enables us to improve quality and availability to all our customers.
Jurgita Latvaitiene
Jurgita LatvaitieneTechnical Compliance Manager
Jurgita joined the business in 2008 and started developing her extensive knowledge of all our crops through working out in the fields. Jurgita now ensures all our products are of the highest quality and that we are fully compliant with all relevant industry standards.

The Pollybell Way™

Pollybell leads the way in sustainable farming practice in the UK. We direct all our efforts to ensure that we work with our environment and engage with all our stakeholders; the local community; education and research organisations; accreditation bodies; our customers and their shoppers.

The Pollybell Way is more than a basic adherence to a set of organic standards, it is an approach that informs each aspect of what we do and how we work every day.

Our approach is based on the concept of ‘Permanence’ as espoused by Lady Eve Balfour, founder of the Soil Association. To this we have brought our unique perspective and methods.

The scale and scope of our farming integration, our investment and accompanying innovation make Pollybell Farm highly productive.

The Pollybell Way marries the principles of organic farming to the demands of farming efficiently in the 21st Century.

Environment and Wildlife

The effect we have on the environment around us is at the centre of everything we do and we strive to not only limit the effect we have but to enhance the land we live and work on for future generations to come. Within our farm we have three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). These depict what a unique environment we have and we work tirelessly to preserve and manage these.

We work with experts outside our own business to harness their own skills in helping us deliver our philosophy. These include the RSPB, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the Red List Revival to name a few. We have undergone a recent survey and this has highlighted that we are in the top 1% nationally for farmland birds and we have over 185 different bird species recorded across the farm with many of these being endangered or at risk.

We are now expanding our work to establish a deeper understanding of our invertebrate populations as we realise the importance of these not only as a food source for our growing bird and mammal population but also to improve soil health and act as predators for some pest species across the farm.