Our Livestock

Working with Livestock

Livestock is a fundamental part of our organic rotation. Pollybell Lapwing lamb

The Pollybell Way™, our proprietary sustainable farming cycle, integrates organic livestock into our system to ensure that our land is naturally fertilised and to give Pollybell an outlet for its organic plant waste as feed. 

Lapwing Lamb

We started a joint venture with a Scottish sheep farmer in the autumn of 2012. This has allowed us to use our grass fields that are in the resting part of the crop cycle, building that land's fertility and clearing up vegetable waste. It also produces great tasting, consistent quality, organic lamb. 

Pollybell's Pigs

Pollybells Pigs

We are also working with a major UK pig producer who rents some of our lighter land for outdoor organic pigs. This is a great source of fertility to our ‘hungriest’ land and produces very tasy pork