Our Land

Our SoilPollybell Soil - We take our soil very seriously indeed

“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” FD Roosevelt

Soil is taken for granted by many. It is, however, a vital part of the natural environment; as important as plants, animals, the air and water. It controls the flow of water and natural compounds between the air and the earth, and is home to a wide range of plant, animal and insect life as well as a multitude of micro organisms. 

We take our soil very seriously indeed. We work hard to ensure that it is well managed, protected by planned crop rotations and the use of different natural composts so that it can produce the finest in fresh produce and be a strong legacy for future generations.

Our Farm Footprint

Pollybell works with a wide range of stakeholders to explore new opportunities to reduce the farm’s environmental impacts and to ensure a sustainable future.

We have worked closely with the Soil Association on their Low Carbon Farming Project as a case study farm. As a direct result of this work we are now investigating renewable energy for electricity as a key element to reduce our emissions.

In addition, we have worked with a number of researchers on different projects and trials including looking at peat replacement for transplants and improved nutrient management through green manures.

Pollybell Organic Conversion 

Since 1997 Pollybell has been in the process of converting land to organic production which takes a minimum of two years. All our organic land is registered with the Soil Association who audit our records and inspect our farm on a regular basis.

Future Plans

At Pollybell we are continually seeking to increase our organic production, and further land conversion is ongoing. In addition, land acquisition in other complementary geographical locations are constantly being sought and appraised.