Our Environment

Pollybell conservationShort Eared Owl


Pollybell has over thirty million square feet of land in dedicated conservation management. We invest over £100,000 in conservation projects every year and we have two full time conservation officers in our team who manage these projects.

Over the past 17 years have been busy caring for the hugely diverse habitats on the farm and complementing them where appropriate with owl boxes, bird feeding stations, tree and hedge plantings, pollen and nectar crops for bees and vetch and cereal strips for insects.

All this work is carried out on a large scale. We have planted almost three thousand trees and twenty two thousand metres of hedgerows. That's enough to enclose every football pitch in the Premiership and Championship football divisions and still have enough to spare for the first seven teams in Division One. 

The health of our environment and ensuring thriving biodiversity are also central principles of our farming practice; for example, wild bird cover is drilled annually providing bird and animal habitat and one hundred and sixty hectares of winter stubble and this is not ploughed in until the following spring to provide shelter and food for wildlife.

We are very proud of all the work we have completed so far and are delighted with the recognition received from the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) recording over one hundred and eighty different species of birds on the farm.