Our Community

Farming in our communityMiles Bentley Pollybell Conservation Manager

The Pollybell team works on the farm and also ensures that we are a good neighbour, at home beyond the borders of our fields. All our team take active roles in the many communities our farm serves; the local community, farming, environment, research and education. 

Our Head Conservation Manager Miles Bentley regularly visits schools and welcomes pupils onto the farm to share his passion for wildlife and inspire an interest in conservation in local children.

Peter Cornish, our Farm Director, is also involved in gardening clubs, giving talks and presentations to share his knowledge and expertise with members. 

We also support a number of open days and welcome hundreds of visitors from a number of local towns and villages and a variety of different organisations including the Soil Association, the Horticulture Development Council and the Royal Agricultural College.

Peter Cornish Pollybell Farm Managing Director

We share our farming knowledge and techniques as well as our experience with our farm environment with these visitors, all of whom are interested in how we farm at Pollybell.