Our Accreditations

Caring for our food

Regulation in an important part of the modern food supply chain. Increasingly we all want to know where our food comes from; where it was grown; that it was properly and safely packed; and that it has reached us in perfect condition. 

A Pollybell Farm we are justifiably proud of our food safety record. Our team works tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of food safety, worker welfare and care for our environment. In addition to our own rigorous standards we also welcome regular external audits from a range of independent and customer regulary bodies. 

Our British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation recognises our holistic approach to food quality, traceability and safety. We ensure that our food is safe to eat by implementing the Food Safety Plan (HACCP) and our own food quality management founded on ISO9000 standards. It's time-consuming, hard work meeting these quality standards and it shows how comitted we are to meeting our customers' and shoppers' expectations for high quality food.

In case you thought that was it with the paperwork, and in addition to the high standards set out by the Soil Association and BRC, we also comply with all the following:

Red Tractor

Pollybell Accreditation logos, Soil Association, Sedex, LEAF, Red Tractor, Tesco Nurture, Waitrose, M and S, British Retail Consortium

The Red Tractor logo is a guarantee of quality and origin. Every stage of the supply chain is independently inspected to ensure food from assured farmers meets exacting quality standards -  www.redtractor.org.uk

Leaf Marque

The LEAF marque indicates that produce is grown on a farm that cares for the environment www.leafuk.org

M&S Field to Fork

M&S has its own farm assurance scheme which guarantees the high quality food that is a signature of the M&S brand. Its standards cover the entire supply chain and every farm is regularly audited - www.marksandspencer.com


Not for profit membership organisation dedicated to improving responsible and ethical business practice in the supply chain - www.sedexglobal.com

Tesco Nurture

Nurture is Tesco’s independently accredited scheme dedicated to ensuring fresh produce is grown to environmental and responsible standards - www.tesco.com/nurture

Waitrose Farm Risk Assessment

Waitrose scheme ensures market leading standards in quality, safety, environment and animal welfare across the supply chain - www.waitrose.com