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11 Nov 2013
Broccoli goes great with a side of steak
Green is the new brown - at least from a tanning point of view.
1 Oct 2013
Field of broccoli
Pollybell Organic Farm has pioneered a world first. Harvesting broccoli by hand is tricky and time consuming. Working with a precision engineering firm Pollybell has developed the first ever automated broccoli harvester. It will revolutionize the way broccoli is harvested.
16 Sep 2013
Pollybell constructs reservoir and underground main with funding help from EU’s and DEFRA’s Rural Development Program for England.
16 May 2013
Nigel Brown, Pollybell Farm chairman, has been appointed president of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society following in the footsteps of Anne, Princess Royal and the Earl of Yarborough.