About Us

Pollybell farming sustainably

Pollybell Farm is an award winning organic farm. The farm is one of the Loveden Estate farms and is
owned and run by the Brown family who have been involved in East Midlands farming for over 120 years.Flower against tree trunk back ground

Pollybell covers approximately 5,000 acres and it is an important part of its community which includes the villages of Epworth, Gringley, Westwoodside, Misterton, Everton and Misson. 

What do we do?

We grow a wide variety of great tasting organic vegetables and cereals and raise livestock in an integrated and sustainable rotation we call 'The Pollybell Way™.'

The Pollybell team is well known for their attention to detail in every aspect of organic farming, from the stewardship of our soil and water to the diverse range of wildlife that we share our farmland with and we are proud to win awards for our farm performance and biodiversity. 

At Pollybell we work hard to:

  • Grow a lot of tasty, organic vegetables
  • Work with our lovely weather - We use the British seasons to their best, growing a mix of fresh produce when in season and complementing this from our stores when necessary
  • Create new and better ways to farm - We lead organic vegetable production by using innovative and sustainable growing methods that work with nature to provide you with wholesome food
  • Look after our birds, bugs and plants - We support all aspects of our farm wildlife and associated plant life with dedicated conservation efforts that actively encourage thriving biodiversity.