Pollybell Organic Farm

Welcome to Pollybell Organic Farm

We are one of the largest growers of organic vegetables and cereals in the UK. We produce a wide variety of great tasting, high quality, organic vegetables, cereals and meat farmed in a sustainable rotation we call 'The Pollybell Way™.'

Our rotation means that we get the most from our land and water, growing crops, raising livestock and wherever possible reusing or recycling everything to minimize our environmental impact.

Have a look at all the organic produce available from Pollybell - visit our produce page.

We are committed to farming sustainably. To do this we manage every aspect of our farm’s daily working life, looking after the fields that produce our vegetables and the environment within and around those fields. To find out more about us and what it means to be organic please browse our site. If you want to know more, please contact us.